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left home and didn't return. when we last spoke to her she was in a motel room with her boyfriend, using once again. >>you know, like you're not doing good. and you know that you're gonna eventually die. there's no such thing as an old heroin addict. they're all young 'cause they all end up dying eventually i guess.
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[ music ] >> bill: hello. hello. good morning, everybody. it is january 21st. this is it, the big day, the day we fought so hard for and worked so hard for and put so much homepe in, finally, here, inaugural day 2013, a million people expected on the mall at noon today to watch president obama take the oath of office for his second term. once again, americans across
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this land filled with hope and a sense of renewal. and it's time for all americans to celebrate that renewal of our democratic system. it's a great day of pageantry, a great day of praised but, also a great day to think of what this country is all about and what it means for this peacefultrition of power. we will be there on our show today and on current tv a little bit later. but right now let's find out all of the latest from lease a ferguson out in los angeles, today's current news update. hi, lease a. good morning. >> hey bill. good morning, everyone. of course, the bill news of the day, it is president obama's public inauguration in washington, d.c. >> that's taking place at the u.s. capitol at 11:20 eastern this morning. first, though, the first family will attend church along with the biddens at st. john's episccapal in d.c.
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president obama actually began his second term in office yesterday. the presidential inaugurations always take place on january 20th. it fell on a sunday this year. a smaller ceremony marked the start yesterday with a larger one taking plates today. on sunday, president obama surrounded himself with just about a dozen family members and recited the 35-word oath of office in the blue room of the white house. chief justice john roberts administered the oath, and the president swore in on his wife's bible given to her mom on mother's day in 1958. afterwards, president obama gave his first public remarks of his second term and joked about a big talking pointed over the weekend. michelle obama's new bang. the president says he loves them calling it the most significant event of the weekend and says she looks good. she always looks good. today, we are expecting a much bigger crowd than what we saw yesterday, more than half a
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million people will be watching from the mall this morning with millions more on television. more bill after the break. stay with us. we have a big big hour and the iq will go way up. (vo) current tv gets the converstion started weekdays at 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >> you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. just be grateful current tv does not come in smellivision. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv.
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to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. [ music ] [ music ] [ music ] >> broadcasting across the nation, on your radio, and on current tv this is "the bill press show." >> bill: hey, it's a big day in washington. inaugural day action 2013. martin luther king day. celebrate them both. good morning, everybody. guilt good to have you with us today on this big day of celebration. hope and renewal for all americans all the way across this land. thank you for joining us here on the "full-court press." so, here is the deal. we will be here for the next
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three hours to bring you up to date on the events of this weekend here in washington, d.c. our nation's capitol and then we will be popping down to the capitol building itself, and joining the coverage for current tv from 10:00 to 1:00, east coast this morning, leading up to and all the way through and after the inaugural ceremony on the west steps of the capitol which begins. the ceremony begins at 11:30 this morning great to see you with us this hour only on sirius xm. we want to heave hear from you. it should lie ahead maybe in president obama's second term. 866-55-press is the toll-free number, and how good do you think he did in the first term? what did he leave undone? you can follow. you can comment to us again on twitter and follow us on twitter
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at bp show and on facebook at press show. here we are. me, bill press, team press, peter ogburn and dan henning. >> peter: happy mon day. how are you going? >> bill: a lot of preparation along with phil on phones and cyprian has the video cam up and running this morning. you know, i must tell you there is a festive air in washington, d.c. this weekend. i have never seen -- well, for four years i have never seen so many people out and about and in the streets. i mean saturday at noon i walked down 8th street here on the hill to a little local bakery to pick up some stuff, and all of the restaurants at noontime, all of the restaurants were jammed.
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there were lines outside of them here in this neighborhood. even -- it was a little cold. the out door dining area looked packed. people sitting in their parkas eating outside and walking around and enjoying the city and down on the mall and in front of the white house, it's like time square. >> you are exactly right. i was going say, it has the sort of air of new year's eve here in washington. and it's weird when we are coming into work and you see people out on the street partying. >> bill: yeah. >> peter: made me feel a little old. >> bill: there is a lot of bunting around, a lot of flags. the willer hotel decked with flags. it's a time where maybe for one day or one weekend, the partisanship goes in the background and people just celebrate america. and already, over the weekend, there were lots of inaugust recall balls, unofficial. two official ones are tonight, of course, but there are
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unofficial inaugural balls. there is one on the hill. lots of different parties. and dinners and fundraisers and every state just about had its own bash at one of the different hotels. so it's a big party weekend here and by the way, a big football weekend. how about it? yesterday. yeah. maybe some real surprises even to the people of baltimore and the people of san francisco. let's start with the 49ers. they went down to atlanta. i washed part of that game and i watched, atlanta was leading the 49ers. i thought, back to san francisco with tail between their legs. the 49ers pulled it off here from dial global's death days. what was it? >> sin. they have sinned. the final call. throw down the middle julio
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jones, that's your ball game. >> that's san fran 6 co 49ers are the nfc championships. they get it done. har because harbaugh's second year at college. they shut out atlanta in the second half. >> there it is. >> back to the super bowl for the first time since 1995. >> peter: everybody wants to talk about what a great team atlanta had this season. you know, it doesn't add up to squat when you cannot finish. they nearly threw away their game last week against the sea seahawks >> bill: yes. >> peter: they had that game locked up. >> bill: that was jim harbaugh. his brother, john, did the same job for the ravens. i know even friends of mine who
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live in baltimore who say, "bal'more. we had friends over for a little dinner party saturday night. two of them were from eastern shores, big, big ravens fans and they said yeah but they knew if they are up against the patriots, don't expect too much. the two brothers go to the super bowl. here is john harbaugh. >> it is all over at the afc championship game. it's time to celebrate. the ravens are going back to the super bowl for the first time since the 2000 season >> bill: two weeks down in new orleans, the super ball ravens-49ers. who knows on that one? right? peter: so many people are talking about how these are two teams people are not interested in. i disagree. i think it will be a good game because the 49ers i don't think that they have faced a defense like baltimore's in the playoffs
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yet. and they've got a high-powered quarterback. they have a high-powered offense. >> bill: i love it's the harbowl. whatever. yeah. >> going to be great. and to talk all about this inaugural today. the question to you is: how satisfied are you with president obama's first term? and what do you think he got done? was it an impressive and effective term of office? some people are saying it was just a waste. he doesn't accomplish anything. i disagree. let's take a quick booklook back but a look ahead of what we expect from president obama in the second term. good day to do it. 866-55-press. it's a toll-free number. get right into the that. but first. >> this is the full court press. dan dan, what do you got. >> other headlines, nancy pelosi was in park city to see her
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daughter's documentary "fall from grace." it was viewed at the sun dance film festival and it airs on hbo in march. politico notes while this is the judger pelosi's first sundance film, it is her 8th hbo movie >> bill: she is a very, very good film maker. i have seen a couple of hers. i can't wait to see this one. >> we are going to be seeing more of condoleezza rice bob schieffer announcing the former secretary of state is joining cbs as a contributor. she will tall talk regularly ol national and international issues while continuing her teaching work at stanford university. >> there you go. >> excited. >> dennis cue sin kusinich and rice. >> justin beeber mooned add camera, a photo of that made it on to insta gram it was deleted
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but not before us weekly said it was his rear. his manager tweeting later that as a prankster, you have to respect a good prank. >> bill: he mooned the camera? -- he mooned the camera >> bill: good for him. >> it's not the first time he has shown his ass in public but this is the first time he literally showed his ass in public. >> bill: my mooning days are over. i must admit, i must admit. somebody somewhere has. >> it's a party atmosphere. anything could happen. >> not today. no. not for me at any rate. as i said, it's a very sell brat celebratory weekend. and the traffic, really really horrendous trying to get around here because some of these streets were closed.
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last night, we were coming back from having dinner with some friends and the president was at the convention center. all of the streets leading to the convention center, that entire area was blocked off. every four years. and, you know, the biggest event of the day yesterday was a very private one, a small ceremony only 12 people, family members in the blue room. not to mention the press pool but the family members, 12 of them in the blue room of the white house with president obama and chief justices john roberts as the chief administered the oath of. they had to do it yesterday couldn't wait for today because under the constitution, the president's term expired at noon on sunday. they gathered in the blue room, and the chief justice administeredadmin the solemn oath. >> please raise your right hand and repeat after me: i barack
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hussein obama do solemnly swear i will faithful execute the office of the of the united states. and will, to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states. so help you god? >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> thank you mr. chief justice. >> they got it right as daughter sasha was quick to point out after wards when she congratulated her daddy and said, you didn't screw it up this time, dude. >> you did it. >> it's kind of harold to hear but she said you didn't mess it up. he said, i did it. >> good on john roberts, he read the oath from a script so he wouldn't screw it up. >> third time.
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>> that's the third time that president obama has taken the oath of. today will be the fourth time, and the president went to one of the event did last night. i believe this was at the convention center. and said how much he loves the first lady and what everybody is talking about, her new look. >> i love michelle obama to address the most significant event of this weekend, i love her bangs. >> love her bangs. >> should have made a good debut for the bangs. >> a good look. earlier in the day the vice president sort of pete the president to the punch at the vice president's mansion surrounded this time. he had a lot of family there but also a lot of friends including a lot of friends from iowa that's got people buzzing. and he took the oath of office about 8:00 o'clock yesterday morning administered by justice
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sonya sotomayor that i will well and discharge the duties of the in the of which i am about to enter so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations? >> thank you your honor. >> so they are both off and running the tell take the ceremonial oath of office today. that raises the question. that juncture, that transition period. looking back i saw some articles today, one on the front page of "the new york times" saying the president, a pretty lackluster first time. i disagree. i would love to hear what you say. 866-55-press. but when you look back given the problems that this president faced, given the bush recession which he inherited, a deep deep, deep economic hole much worse than we feared or had any idea of and given the republican
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intransience and opposition from the very beginning when mitch mcconnell says our number one goal is to deny him a second term. he said that on day 1 of the last session. given all of that, i think the president did pretty well, when you look at healthcare reform. every president for the last hundred years has tried it. barack obama did it. he ended the war in iraq. he is winding down the war in afghanistan. he brought us out of that comic hole partly through the stimulus which created what was it? over 5 million new jobs, saved the auto industry, brought this economy back. it still has a long ways to go. got the star treaty approved by the united states.s. senate and remember, he did get osama bin laden, led this country on the issue of same-sex marriage, the first president to do so. pardon me, and the point is, two
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great women to the supreme court. now, looking ahead, that's the first question. what do you think about that first term? 866-55 press. are you yesterday? second, what do you want to see in the second term? i tell you what we are already seeing: a lot more backbone on the part of president obama. it is worken, proven by the fact that the republicans in the house caved over the weekend on the debt ceiling and said, all right. they will extend it for only three months, not good enough. they said they will extend it notno strings attached without all of the cuts to social security and medicare they had been demanding bluffs president obama, we got his back and he stays tough, gets things done in this second term. let's talk about it 866-55-press here on the "full-court press." it's monday morning, inaugural day, january 21st. >> this is "the full court press: the bill press show," live on your radio and on
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current tv. current tv presents special coverage of the presidential inauguration. the pomp, the circumstance the insight and analysis. only on current tv.
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we have a big big hour and the iq will go way up. (vo) current tv gets the converstion started weekdays at 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >> you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. just be grateful current tv does not come in smellivision. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv.
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[ music ] >> hurd around the current tree, seen on current tv this is the bill press show. >> now 26 minutes after the hour here on a combined martin luther king holiday and inaugust ray day, 2013. to celebrate looking at president obama's first term and the second term. peter what's happening on the social word and media network?
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>> tweeting at bp show finding out what your highlights of the first term were and what your expectations are of a second term it's like watching a bad porno movie. you don't know whether to laugh or cry. >> david tie sod said it would be nice if the president focused on jobs and the energy crisis in the second term. >> jobs has not gotten lost. energy, the push too renewal energy, immigration reform starting off, of course, with the efforts to reduce gun violence in the country and climate change. climate change part of the renewal energy those are priorities for the president. i think in these first 18 months before people start saying, he is a lame duck. don't pay any attention to what he is doing. the first 18 months, we are going to see some action on those news.
3:28 am
lois from new york. >> i am going to turn the phone down. i was listening to you. i was thinking about the things you thought president obama has done so well. i thought he was in my dreams? i just finished saying everything. i think he has done a great job on all of that. i remember, bill, when he first came to. i remember him signing the legislation into law where women could get equal pay for equal work. >> that was the first one, first one he signed. >> i remember when i was in college my approvesor was old them and said women were getting 77%. i was thinking my god and to see that. i am happy about that. >> yeah. yeah. absolutely, lowis. i should have mentioned that. the lilly ledbetter act. again, so we are acting at the obstacles he had to overcome, it's amaidsing he got as much
3:29 am
done as he did. >> this is "the bill press show." going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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[ music ] >> i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning. we hold these truths to be self evidence that all men are created equal. >> this is "the bill press show." >> something very fitting is that the first african-american president of the united states would take his second oath of office on march tin luther king holiday and over the weekend, the crowds were particularly huge down at the martin luther
3:34 am
king memorial. this is the first inaugural day certainly that will that memorial has been open, up and open. just another reason to join the celebration here in washington, d.c. on this inaugust ray day. it's 34 minutes now after the hour. good to have you with us on the full court press. george condin senior brighter staff writer for the national journal will join us a little bit later in the hour. right now, we are taking your comments and taking your calls about president obama on this kickoff day for his second term. looking back at the first term, did he, you know hit the mark as far as you were concerned, or still a little disappointed? and looking ahead, what do you anticipate? what do you expect? what do you want to see? i think already, clearly, we are seeing a little more resolve. a lot more resolve. a lot more backbone on the part of the president. and it is working. he brought the republicans to their knees by hanging tough on the fiscal cliff.
3:35 am
we didn't go over the fiscal cliff and the republicans caved at the very end and the president had to go up from 250 to 450 over which the wealthiest of americans will pay in income taxes. everything else he was asking for, including an extension of unemployment insurance and now over the weekend, republicans at their house retreat wherever they were in williamsburg they sent out word they are going to raise the white flag of surrender on the dead ceiling, not going to require cuts to social security, willing to extend it only for three months. >> that's not good enough. but at least they gave up those demands because they know that the president was not going to give in. with that kind of backbone, i think we are going to see a lot done in this second term. ike joins us from charleston south carolina. what do you say, brother? >> hey, brother, yeah, hopeful you got your hair done and nails
3:36 am
and everything ready for the ball? >> looks good. he looks good >> bill: i am ready. that's right. nail salon over the weekend been. >> got his wig flipped, nails trimmed. he's good. >> what's up? >> listen, man. first term, he did what he could do. i want to see the filibuster reform. i want to see both of these wars shut down finally. they are the longest wars in our history. bring them home. i want to see infrastructure money. how ashamed is america when they don't realize, a lot of these americans out here, that we have other countries that not only have a better infra net instructure and they have high speed trains and we can't fix amtrak. let's go with i am trace reform and do what was past during the pat tree on the act, secure id let's get everybody identified lined up in order and then at that point, we can deport the criminals and the people we don't need here, and when we bring our troops back, if we do
3:37 am
the infrastructure, you know, spending that we should do, and forget about the debt ceiling guess what we could go to work and have about 3% unemployment. how does that affect sound? >> bill: i don't know. it sounds to me like you ought to run the next time around. you've got it down. absolutely. >> that's good program, a good plan. if president obama follows that plan. >> have a good time tonight, be careful, bill. >> all right ike. we will have to be more careful than last time we were in charleston south carolina. >> uh-huh. >> good to hear. >> he is on top of it. >> he knows what he is talking about. >> one of the few people in south carolina. >> we ought to send him over to see lindsey graham. ann calling from irvington, new jersey. >> good morning, bill. how are you >> bill: good. >> caller: nice to see you. listen, i want the president to stand firm and keep up the good
3:38 am
work and hopefully everything will be good for him in his second term, but especially immigration reform and gun control. he cannot let the republicans make him, you know -- he has to be firm. >> yeah. >> or it will definitely bring him down and he can't. we are going to back him up. those people, as we were referred to at one time will have his back. >> i couldn't agree more. i think the president feels that this time. i really feel he has the people behind him. remember, a year ago, everything was writing him off. that the people were still behind him. two different directions they could have gone. they decided to stick with barack obama. so he knows that and ann, i think that's the spirit, and that's what he has got to hear from the american people. that will coopkeep the wind in his sails for sure. good to hear from you, ann.
3:39 am
howard, out in los angeles what do you say >> caller: thank you for taking my call. >> bill: it's good. i remember you on channel 2 in l.a. >> bill: i had a lot of good time in l.a. i would like to get back there some day and probably will. >> caller: come out. i would like to see you on something. >> bill: thank you. >> caller: he has some backbone. obama show some backbone. people had your back. people around here are unemployed, problems with persistence and we had his back in the first term. now, i read an article all of the road blocked were in front of him. >> bill: yeah. yeah. >> caller: he did a lot, you know. so we are about ready to see something for our money in los
3:40 am
angeles because all of our problems in california. we are hanging tough. one thing i can say about california, we have a democratic legislature, so jerry brown is able to do some things out here. >> bill: jerry brown got that initiative passed. the voters not only passed the initiative which enables jerry brown to bring the economy back and with a balanced program out there as well but, also, through, as you pointed out howard, cleaned house, threw the republicans out and put a veto-proof democratic majority in each house of the california legislature which is really great. absolutely, howard i think, again, the american people -- we have already, we are behind the president. he senses that. i think, you know, peter, it felt to me like sometimes in the first term, the president was reluctant, a little hesitant to use all of the power that he's got. >> i agree.
3:41 am
he wasn't willing to push. he didn't want to upset the apple cart. felt he had to go out of his way to be -- to try to work together with these republicans who were out against him from the beginning. and he finally, realized listen, you know, this is the bully pulpit damn and i am going to use it. >> that was more evidence when he talked about it last week. he said this is what i expect. we are going to get this done. it wasn't, i look forward to reaching across the aisle and finding a compromise. this is the right thing to do. >> bill: contrast that with don't ask-don't tell. i was down there at the whitehouse saying, come on. why don't you end it for the executive order? the response robert gibbs at the time was, no we have to let the legislature take its course. we have to wait. we have to be patient, da, da,
3:42 am
da da, da, da did a. this time on guns when people said, the legislature of the congress is not going to approve this, the answer from the white house was, we don't care. it's still the right thing to do and we are going to push for it. >> yeah. >> they might get it that way that's the only way they might get it. down in maineville kentucky marg is calling. good to have you with us >> caller: i hear about obama being restrained by the republican congress. with the the justice department he has been abysmal in terms of going after whistle blowers and million marijuana, swarths who committed suicide recently you can't blame that on the republicans. there is one person i would like to have seen replaced this term.
3:43 am
it's a bad record on civil liberties other than gay marriage, same thing with yog going after illegal immigrants. i think the justice department has a very bad record. i also think obama has a bad record on the environment and with advisors like susan rice who is heavily invested in keystone xl, i don't think we are going to see him block that either. >> bill: on the environment, i am not disagreeing with you to the extent that the republicans accuse him of spending $900,000,000,000, or 90 billion on renewable energy and solar and wind and geo thermal and the electric battery. >> that's more than any other president has done. i think he gets good marks for that. but i agree with you on the justice department. i think eric holder proved to be a bad choice. he's really fallen down in several areas. the ones that you mentioned. remember, also, he said they were not going to go after bush
3:44 am
and cheney on war crimes or on illegal acts like the illegal wiretapping of all americans. i don't think they have -- the idea they are still going out after million marijuana clinics in california is just ridiculous plus eric holder is saying they are going to enforce federal pot laws in colorado and washington state. i don't think eric holder meets the test. and i'm sorry to see him continue as part of the second term. good point. it's not all rosy. but overall, i think a damjn grand prairie impressive term on the part of president obama. >> this is the bill court press "the bill press show," live on your radio and on current tv. their positions. i want them to have the data and i want them to have the passion. but it's also about telling them, you're put on this planet for something more. i want this show to have an impact beyond just informing. an impact that gets people to
3:45 am
take action themselves. as a human being, that's really important. this is not just a spectator sport.
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current tv presents special coverage of the presidential inauguration. the pomp, the circumstance the insight and analysis. only on current tv.
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>> on your radio and on current tv this is the bill press show. >> here we go 12 minutes before the top of the hour on this monday january 21st. dual celebration in our nation's capitol, hartin luther king cape and inaugust recall day. not washington press corps, it's a busy day. the big inauguration this weekend starting at 11:30 on the west steps of the capital. there are the new kids on the block like me. and then there is old timers people who have been around forever like george condin for
3:49 am
from the "national journal" joining us on the line this morning. hey, how are you. >> good. i have the walker moving. >> don't push too hard. >> you will break a hip. >> exactly. >> for this second inaugural expectedations are lower. so first of all, the crowd will -- is never as big for the second as it is for the first. and it won't be today for pompom. right? >> absolutely. it never is for a second term. >> it's not a slam to say not as many people are going to come out. the first inaugural address, i didn't think first one was the greatest. >> a lot of people who believe what he did four years ago was actual smart of letting moment
3:50 am
speak for itself: you didn't need rhetoric to call attention to the fact that you know after 55 inaugurations where white men who ascended from europe and you have a black man son of africa there and it was so moving in itself that there were people who believe rhetoric couldn't do it justice. it certainly was not one of his best, you know oratorical outings. >> bill: have we had any -- you know, you have been there with me when we keep pushing jay carney for any little claimants for what the themes might be or the general tenor. do we know any more than we did on friday? >> spaifshlth, it's going to be talking some about common grouted. there is always a tug there. there are some democrats who
3:51 am
wish he would be a little after f.d.r. and go after the other side. those are special circumstances. >> it's not obama's style either. >> no. it's not what you should do in a -- in an inaugural address. you really -- -- you have to fight. he specially in a second term, the notion that this is just another campaign speech and you are going to remind others that you won. you have to reach out to unite the country. i went. there are only a handful that really stand out. most of them are eminently forgettable. >> yeah. i am thinking jfk, of course right. linkon's second. >> i especially focus.
3:52 am
there are only two great ones. you have the one you just mentioned, lincoln's second, probably the greatest in history. >> phenomenal. >> more theological than political. f.d.r.'s second where he talked about a third of the nation, you know, is very effective. even jefferson used his ticket to wine about the press attacking him. >> in looking into this will second term, how long does the president generally have in a second term before people just kind of write him off as the ultimate lame duck? >> he's usually got about 18 months before. it isn't even so much they write him off as a lame duck at that point. it's that all of the focus shifts for the off-year
3:53 am
election. >>. >> uh-huh. >> i think obama has even less because the partisan move is so nasty. >> that's what makes it so important that you only have a year. >> right. and he sort of indicated that, i guess, you know so far as we have seen on guns, immigration reform. it may be climate change. right? of course continuing on the economy. you. >>. >> you keep coming back to that. you need to create jobs. when you look back to the other -- you mentioned the differences from four years ago remember the sense of absolute panic that we had about whether our financial system was going to survive. >> bill: right.
3:54 am
>> in the month of the inauguration 820. people didn't know whether we were going to come out of this. >> right. survive as a nation. no. and certainly, that has turned around, still a long ways to go. it's a glorious day, george. it's nice to start it off with you early this morning. thank you so much. maybe we will see you in the crowd there somewhere in the mall. >> freezing. >> if not -- >>. >> yeah. if not back at the whitehouse pretty soon. thanks, george. >> thanks, bill. >> george condin follow him at the national journal. national nationaljournal >> this is "the bill press show."
3:55 am
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>> taking your arms on any topic at any time. this is "the bill press show," live on your radio and current tv. . >> all right. peter, what have we got here? >> an e-mail. >> from the washington post a friend of bill in the next hour. >> on what do you want to see done? immigration and marijuana laws no question, that's top of the list for me from hugo. astasia says on today's inauguration, we are witnessing history. this is a historical event we are part of. i look to his speech and i know that i am living history. >> i am excited about being down there. we have a great seat great position. we will there as part of current tv's coverage, cyprian and peter and i on the north ricer. so if you look at president obama and look to the right, the first lady and then us. >> this is "the bill press
3:58 am
3:59 am
>> today, 2013, welcome. welcome to the "full-court press" here on current tv coming to you live from our nation's capitol just down the street from the capitol united states capitol building, itself where the festiveities begin at 11:30 east coast time.
4:00 am
we will be down there as sanoon as we finish the program here on capitol hill. a great day of dual celebration. about a million people expected on the mall as president obama takes the oath of office for his second term. once again, americans filled with hope and a sense of renewal, for all americans to celebrate this renewal of our democracy. we will tell you all about it and take your calls, but first, let's take a little timeout here to get the latest. today's current news update from lisa ferguson out in los angeles. hi, lisa. good morning. >> hey, bill. good morning, everyone. an updated list of donors now shows labor unions are contributing to president obama's inauguration today. those did not show up on earlier lists but we are now seeing at least nine labor groups have donated including the american postal workers' union and the international brotherhood of electric workers. all in all more than 3,000,000
4:01 am
people and organizations are helping fund the festivities. the inaugural committee seemed strapped for catch last week but it was able to more than triple its donor list. some of those new corporate contribute orders include bank of america and fedex. we won't know exactly how much each donor gave until april when the committee files with the sec. lots to pay for when it comes to events like these and it that usually includes the entertainment. last night roomer a.c. fiasco performed but was asked to leave a stage after singing non-stop politically charged lyrics. he played one artery war song for 30 minutes and said he did not vote for obama and event officials asked him to move on to the next song. when when he refused, they told him it was time to go. chris performed for the first ladies and her daughter and said
4:02 am
he was nervous and made a couple of mistakes but no one noticed and he did a great job. more bill up after the break. stay with us. (vo) current tv gets the converstion started weekdays at 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >> you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. just be grateful current tv does not come in smellivision. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv.
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[ music ] >> bill: happy martin luther king day and inaugural day. welcome, everybody, to the "full-court press," this day of celebration here in our nation's capitol. we are coming to you live across this great land of ours on your local progressive talk radio station. how lucky you are if you have one. i hope you give them the full support as well as the people
4:06 am
who sponsor the shows on your local progress station and on current tv in every one of our 50 states. great to see you. thank you for being part of the program. look forward to hearing from you, too. it's not just telling you what we think about the issues but hearing what you think and what these issues mean to you and to your family. you can do so. give us a call by 866-55-press. our toll-free number or send us your comments on twitter twitter @bpshow. or facebook at it's a festive mood in the nation's capitol. lots of events over the weekend, the unofficial inaugural balls, different state parties, all kind of private fundraisers. the democratic senate campaign committee had its events an the democratic congressional campaign and the governors. everywhere you looked and the crowds are starting to form on the mall, in the metro.
4:07 am
everything already crowded. we've got to covered and helping us sort through the issues of the events of the day, clinton yates is the current news editor for the washington express, a copy here. i took the bus to the train. the bus got caught off earlier than i thought but everything was smooth. rush-hour level packed. people being nice to each other. i even got a seat. >> this weird twilight where people were understanding their night of partying and people were getting up to see t you have a mix. >> metro closed with drunk people. >> the party you are referring to basically had to wait it out.
4:08 am
cabs weren't anywhere because the streets were shut down. >> what do you do twhouf wait it out at 2:00 a.m. i know what i did. >> exactly. i am sure some people already in their seats or stalling on the mall. al friend took his post at the front door of the capitol at 1:00 a.m. >> on the job. who hell is going to show up at 1:00 a.m.? >> how long are those shifts at that point? >> schumer wanted a good seat. everybody had to get there early. under the constitution, the president and the vice president terms ended at noon on sunday.
4:09 am
they had to have the actual oath of office administered and vice president biden was the first one about 8:00 o'clock yesterday morning. justice sonya sotomayor. >> i will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which i am about to enter so help me god? >> so help me god. >> congratulations. they had a private mass said and they had a breakfast with friends and yesterday evening, or the evening before actually all of the different states have their parties or balls and he went to strangely enough, the iowa -- he is from delaware my home state, but he chose to go to iowa. does he have his mindset on 2016
4:10 am
maybe this freudian slip shows this. the vice president at the iowa state ball. >> i am proud to be president of the united states. i am proud to be -- >> >>. >> somebody should taught talk to him. >> now vice president, not yet president of the united states. >> made a mistake. wasn't like he said. he had to go through and realize. i am not the president. missed a beat like naming yourself potus. >> he is not that old. he is 70. but he will be or will be 70? >> i am not sure.
4:11 am
yeah. >> he invited like the governor of iowa and her husband and their daughter. you don't do that unless you are trying to make a point. >> it's tough for him to legitimately consider a run at the presidency because, you know, he has become this character that -- gets things done. >> go-to guy to get things done. >> anybody who is vice president. i am going to walk away after being vice president. >> all right. anyhow, so we have got to cover with clinton yates this hour. we will talk to representative from "public citizen," this happens to be the third anniversary of citizens united.
4:12 am
will we ever get rid of that monster and a couple from huffington post joining us next hour. >> other headlines making news on this monday, the super bowl will now be the harbowl, san francisco 49ers rallied back from a defeat for the nfc championship under coach jim harbaugh and the ravens took the afc championship. ravens and 49ers now booking their flights to new orleans. super bowl is in two weeks. >> we have never had anything like this before. >> i am looking forward to it. it's the best line-up i can remember in quite some time. >> it will be cool. >> i would come up with something better than that. >> i like the dualing harvi.
4:13 am
>> jack harbaugh is the man. >> the subway sandwich change is in a bit of hot water. most of their subs aren't quite a foot long. many are just less than maybe 11 and a half inches long. someone called them out on their facebook page about it. subway responded saying that the subway foot long, in quotes phrase is not intended to be a measurement of length. they say it's a trademark name with creative license. their reasoning is that -- >> that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard. >> their reasoning is that many countries use the metric system. >> no. >> for the word foot long doesn't mean anything in those countries anyway
4:14 am
>> bill: they better higher a new public relations man. >> the first one is get a life. everybody knows they aren't 12 inches long. >> metric system. >> that's so insane, it's beautiful. finally, the original -- the original bat mobile went on the auction block for big money. it's a customized 1955 black lincoln that adam west and burt ward drove in the original batman t.v. series sold for $4.2 million. it had the bat phone and laser capabilities. >> i didn't know pat leahy made that kind of money. he bought it. right? >> yeah. he would, too. >> i can't wait to see him cruising up to the inauguration up to the bat mo bible. >> if it doesn't come with sound effects, it's not worth $1 in my opinion. >> clinton one of the big local
4:15 am
stories about surrounding inauguration is president obama has new license plates on his car. what's that about, and why? >> for a long time the group dc vote and various other people have wanted, including mary chay and phil mendelson have wanted as a ceremonial for him to make the taxation without representation plate the idea being a lot of people don't understand what it means. there are a lot of people that come into town, have no idea that there is no congressional representation for the district. this is nothing, if you don't guess, a reminder. i am of the personal opinion that it's pretty difficult to envision a scenario in which dc is going to get representation any time soon if the city has to go through these kind of obertures just to get the tags on a limo changed. they went through quite a bit between having sit-down meetings with the office of interior, between actually getting the plates made and delivering them to the president. i mean it was a lot. there is some symbolic value to this but i feel like it's a little too much. we are on the hook with obama for think something is
4:16 am
going to happen that probably isn't in terms of anything he is going to be able to do for the city. >> he has been there for four years. what took him so long? >> the city made a tribute putting the recommendote control in his hand and doing everything other than pressing the button in order for this to happen. the nominal victory for the people trying to make this happen, that's fine. if anything thinks this will lead to a surge in voting rights or statehood or anything like that for the district, don't holt your breath. >> i think it's great because a lot of people don't know what it is. it is a giant middle finger on the back of your car. it's great. taxation without representation on the actual license plate. if you are not from here you have to realize, it's a giant screw you. >> two out of three of us in this room live in the district of columbia. we are colonists. it is an outrage in this day and age, we pay our taxes and do not
4:17 am
have vote on the floor of that congress. >> it's true. some people consider, well how much impact would a vote have and so on and so forth? >> doesn't matter. >> is it an ideologue kind of thing? hello, this is how the country works. to imply because it wouldn't be a major voting block meaning that it shouldn't exist, that's baseless. the point is that you are living under a taxed society you have to be able to represent yourself. until that happens effectively, the city is getting treated in an unfair manner. >> a friend of bill this hour local news editor for the washington express part of "the washington post" and you can follow it at washington and follow clipton on twitter@clinton yates. this is a no matter whether it's democrat or republican first term or second term, inaugurations are a big deal. >> yeah. >> for washington, d.c. for many reasons. >> big-time fun. you get crowds in town. i wrote this in a column last
4:18 am
week. you get typically more than the average summer tourist. >> that's no knock over the americans who come here over the summer but you typically get a perceived more educated more sophisticated crowd belichick more politically aware. >> and people in the interest of having a good time. and that's sort of the difference between the average tourist season and inauguration is a lot of people are in a better mood. it makes things more fun when you are out and about on the town. >> people are so happy to be here and so excited to see different stuff. the people i ran into over the weekend, it's cool. like i said, i live in adams-morgan and i saw people on 18th street, which is a big party district if you are not familiar with it in d.c. people out there having a good time. it's hard to put a value on that, especially this day and age in our country where things aren't great for everybody. you can see people coming together to have a good time in a peaceful manner. scomplvrnlths. >> we were up to dinner friday
4:19 am
night and last night. the restaurant was packed. it was a different mood. it wasn't just your average night in a restaurant. people were happy to see each other. they were all smiles on their faces and they come here for a reason. here is something interesting i picked up last night. of course, tickets for the inaugural -- for the seating, there is not that much seating on the mall, and then everybody else stands all the way down to the washington monument. the best place to get tickets, seats on the washington mall -- >> hit me. where? >> republican members of congress. of course because their constituents don't care all of the members of congress get all of these tickets. senators get the best seats. right? particularly the republican senators from the west their contributors their big donors come to these things work in cam pangs. they want to see it all the way through. a change of direction.
4:20 am
the republicans could care less. these. >> that's a smart move. i hadn't thought of that. i am not the kind of person that goes to these things on a regular basis but if people would tell me, i would say hit up your local person. that makes sense. >> you might try mitch mcconnell's office later this morning. >> not a bad idea. >> getting started. what do you say? taking a look back through the morning at the president's first term. did he accomplish anything you can be proud of? i think he has accomplished a hell of a lot to tell the truth. what do you expect in the second term? a lot to talk to clint yates about. we will be right back at 866-55-press. >> this is "the bill press show." [ music ] current tv presents special coverage of the presidential inauguration. the pomp, the circumstance the insight and analysis.
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these talking points, that the right have, about the "heavy hand of government" ... i want to have that conversation. let's talk about it. really? you're going to lay people off because now the government is going to help you fund your healthcare. really? i want to have those conversations, not to be confrontational, but to understand what the other side is saying, and i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table.
4:24 am
>> root meets television "the bill press show" now on current tv. >> it's 26 minutes after the hour. here we go. the inaugust ray day and martin luther king day both celebrating, causes for celebration here in our nation's capitol. it's the full court press this monday morning. we have the whole team here as always plus clinton yates from the washington post express as our guest. and friend of bill. alongside the president taking the oath of office susan salmi writes, among blacks pride is mixed with expectations for obama. what do you find in the frern
4:25 am
african-american community for this largely african-american city? are people pleased with his first term of? >> a bit of both to put it kind of crudely, a lot of people would say the first term was for them. the second term was for us. i don't know that i believe that will personally. we make friends. you are in the second term, be more uppy. this is a perceived understanding, not just black people but people in general is my opinion. what what he had to do in the first term to ensure the second term is not personally. i am not necessarily of the belief that obama 0s the black community some huge -- -- i don't even know what. but there are a lot of people who feel he does that he hasn't
4:26 am
been at the forefront for being what people consider i don't know how to say this personally. he hasn't necessarily been the person that has been cheerleading for the black community in the way a lot of people wanted him to: i don't know that he ever really should have been doing that to begin with as he is the president of the united states of america and not the president of black america but i can understand why people feel that way. it was a big push required by the black community to get him in office, and a lot of people feel like he is not doing enough. >> he is not sharpton. >> no. >> that's fine. there is a reason why al sharpton is not president. i like al sharpton. but that's to be understood. he is a president of the united states of america. that requires a lot more than just one group. >> first term is over. into the second term here on the
4:27 am
full court press. happy inauguration day. >> this is "the bill press show." going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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this is "the full court press: the bill press show," live on your radio and on current tv. >> bill: thirty-three minutes after the hour, a big, big day in our nation's capitol and around the country as president obama takes the oath of office for his second term and, also, as celebrate the legacy and the memory of marchtin luther king big crowds down at the martin luther king memorial over the
4:32 am
weekend. >> we will get back to our conversation with clinton yates with the "washington post express" but first saw this story this morning about a formal hospital regcity clerk. checking people in the emergency room and stole their personal information and using that applied for more than 130 credit cards in other individuals' names. my god. everywhere you look examples of identity work. lifelock ultimate is the most comprehensive id protection ever made. they can't protect you if you are not a member. call now mention press60. get 60 risk-free days.
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press 60 f you are not happy, call life-lock and cancel within 60 days of signing up and they will give you a full refund. see for details and give them a call at 1800-356-5967. that number again, 1-800-356-5967: there is a certain real symbolism to barack obama taking the officeath of office on march tin luther king day. northeast about this we sort of talk about comparing the 2 on the continuum of history. >> do women who both of them were? >> certainly. >> these were middle school kids, about 13, 14, 15. a lot of their feelings were very much centered around, you know these are young kids growing up in the northeast
4:34 am
effectively. if you are not familiar northeast dc is one of the second most prosprosquadrant in the city. i don't know. >> these kids were very much aware of barack in terms of what they understood as his mortality mortality. they considered him a brave man of running. this was the kind of thing that was in their mind. with mlk, he obvious was asat assassinated assassinated. they consider him brave for doing it at all. never signed of what he was going to chief. they feel in general, it's a risk risky maneuver. also very very educational as well. sounds trite. out of school, you learn something when you are talking to students. it was impressive to here them talk about what they felt his most important legacy was at
4:35 am
this point. they felt sort of staying alive. >> it's interesting they would make that connection. i remember early on in the president's term people very, very concerned he might not make it through the first term because of that reason. walking around. >> 2000, it was atrocious, the security understandably. it's night and day. we had national guards patrolling the street here in front of the studio which is not -- they are not there. >> from the symbolism point, a lot felt like again as a black man in the white house ol a
4:36 am
basic level, there will be things when they don't know anything other than a black president. it's not as if this is a big life changer. if you were in middle school you were 9 or 10 when he was elected. they very much felt empowered by it. it wasn't passe, just a part of life. it was a big deal for them in terms of who they felt they represented in their lives. it made them proud to be an american, many of them said. >> has obama made an impact on this this city? he doesn't get out in the community, it's alleged. he has been outed in the community. >> when you look at the last administration who never went in the community. >> the obama who made the most impact is michelle. you have seen her doing a lot more work at schools between her gardens that she has at the whitehouse, you know, that has local school kids.
4:37 am
she has been to places like anacostia high school. i can't remember the name of the movie but the child obesity movement has put her in direct contact with a lot more of this community, i think, than anything the president has done, which is fine. there is nothing wrong with that. he showed up at the chili bowl once, i believe with the former may. that was the end of that. at that couple of restaurants but i would say michelle is the one who has the most impact on the city. i have no problem with that. >> ted's bulletin. she has been to good stuff, just down the street. that barbecue joint. >> ken income's. >> dickies is off h street. >> i am trying to think. i am where it is. i can walk on to it.
4:38 am
the fish shall sandwich is understanding it a little bit. four pieces of fish on top of bread. >> legendary. >> i am there. when we come back it is a strange, another strange anniversary we are celebrating today, the third anniversary of citizens united. oh, my god. we will tell you. clinton yates stays with us as a friend of bill's. >> this is the full court press, "the bill press show" live on your radio and on current tv.
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>> two big reasons to celebrate in our nation's capitol today, the inauguration for the second term of the barack obama and martin luther king's birthday one reason not to celebrate is the third anniversary of the supreme court decision on citizens united. oh, my god. clinton yates is the local news editor of "the washington post" express here as a friend of bills staying with us this entire hour. >> how are you doing? >> to talk about citizens united. public collect has a great
4:43 am
campaign out. i love the sound of it: money out/voters in. kenny is joining us. >> thank you. >> what are you trying to do? what's been the impact of citizens united. >> i think everyone has seen it across the nation and the incredible onslaught of negative as we saw in the last election. but this had more insid yas implications about what politicians may do. it's had an effect on how long certain folks can stay in the primaries. and a terrible effect on people's faith in their government. >> all of the money karl rove spent or the nra spent or the koch brothers spent, the nra
4:44 am
spent that the koch brothers, i wrote a book about them. they didn't win that many: so maybe all of that money didn't have as
4:45 am
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[ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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cap >> bill: the senior coordinator for that project. what do you say to a liberal like me, who is very nervous about amending the constitution because if pandora's box, once you open it up. >> slippery slope >> bill: i have felt that. so that means you have to have a constitutional convention? >> they are two separate approaches to the constitution. the convention has actually never been tried since the constitution was written. it was written via convention and the fear, of course of that is once the convention is formed they will go in either direction they want >> bill: exactly. >> what our founders did and we like what that came up with. we don't know if that would happen again. >> i trusted them. >> yes >> bill: i won't trust this
4:50 am
gang todd. >> that's a widely held fear but the other way we have done 27 times. you have to ratify. so we are going piece by piece, building from the crassroots level and city and town initiatives calling for an amendment and state by state showing willingness to ratify in 11 states thus far and we will be going to 4 or 5 more states >> bill: what does that mean? willingness to ratify? 11 states. >> 11 states have called for a constitutional amendment. we can't say the legislatures will be the same when it comes to ratification but that's a sign directly usually in the resolution but to the public at large, they are ready to see it move forward. it's serious. >> what do you think the chances are? we are in vegas making odds on the super bowl coming up what is
4:51 am
the shot of this happening? >> i think it's a moral imperative the same way the right to vote was and is for some folks. i think it's absolutely important that we have this for a real democracy to move forward. it may take time. that hasn't held our forbearers back in the past. i don't think it will take as long as the right to vote for women. >> how many seats do you need? less than right now. >> eleven states have passed. i am surprised it's that many at this point that they want to see. >> montana and colorado ballot initiatives, more than 70% each are talking red and purple state. >> montana has done this? >> absolutely. widely sport, between 70 and 80%, no matter what your party affiliated do not like citizens united, feel there is too much
4:52 am
corporate money and big money and they want to see it overturned. >> burnie sanders and i am sure on your web page, you have a list of the senators ted deutsche and others who have endorsed this. >> uh-huh. >> hey, might happen. >> very well. >> exactly. might happen. >> most people who are not super familiar with this probably think we are on board >> bill: i love the fact. i think this is the only way it's going to happen. citizens have to rise up and say enough is enough is enough. aquene freechild, thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> it's nice to see you. >> thank you. i have been -- great to be here >> bill: first time in the studio with us. >> yeah >> bill: enjoy inauguration day. we will be right back and tell you. does everybody know what the president is up to today? >> this is "the bill press
4:53 am
show." [ music ] [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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the pomp, the circumstance the insight and analysis. only on current tv. [ music ] >> the parting shot with bill press. this is "the bill press show." >> on this monday, january 21st my parting shot for today, it was only a year ago, most political commentators were saying he didn't have a chance for a second term. republicans were certainly counting on it. barack obama, fooled them all.
5:53 am
there were times during his first term and some of us were disappointed he didn't show enough backbone on the public plan option, extending bush tack cuts for the wealthiest of americans. >> that's changed now. during the second term, there is no reason for president obama to put the brakes on. he has a man date from the american people. doesn't have to worry about running for reelection again. already, the president has demonstrated more backbone than we saw in the last four years. now, it's up to him to use all of the powers of the bully pulpit to fight for the things we believe in, comprehensive immigration reform, bold action to reverse the clock on climate change. congratulations, mr. president, now go for broke. we have got your back: leo leo girard will join us tomorrow. i am on my way down to the capitol to join david shuster and jennifer
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